Nurharyani Binte Johar

EB0009 E-Bridge Pre-School (Edgedale Plains PGLCCC)

Nurharyani Binte Johar
15 Nov 2023

E-Bridge Preschool PLCCC : Reducing Food Wastage & Healthy Eating

After the launch party, our children at E-Bridge PLCCC got more curious about the food they consume and start by wondering “where do our food come from?”

 During our outdoor activities, we went for nature walks to look at the plants around our school. To their discovery, there are many plants that bear fruits and vegetables. 

They found fruits such as banana, lime, guava, ambarella and star fruit. Through our discussions, the children realized that the even the leaves of some plants are used in our cooking. 

Leaves such as lime leave, curry leave and how banana leaves are used as plates in some culture.

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