Carmela Marie Cabangal Dulaca

EB0002 E-Bridge Pre-School (615B Edgefield Plains)

Carmela Marie Cabangal Dulaca
14 Jul 2021

Donate right campaign of K2 children from E-Bridge @ 615 Edgefield Plains

Here are a few photos of our journey as we embarked on our SSDB project. This year’s theme is “Stay connected, make a difference”. We kicked off our SSDB project with the “Donate Right” campaign in collaboration with “Food from the Heart” organisation. 

Ms Jade, a representative from Food from the Heart, enlightened us with the difference between the food items that can and cannot be donated. Thereafter, the K2 classes decided to share their knowledge through designing posters to remind the school community on what food is appropriate to donate for their upcoming food drive. To extend their invitation to seek others participation for the event, the class made a video to raise awareness about the current situation of what some families are facing now during the Covid19 situation. 

We were overwhelmed with our centre’s families for their generosity in support of our food donation drive. Their commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. With the K2 classes’ intiative, we are happy to know that it will benefit the Food from the Heart beneficiaries and their families.

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