Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

10 Mar 2021

COVID19 CNY Celebration in 2021

On 19th February we held our 1st 2021 festival celebration. We had a wonderful, safe and happy CNY celebration. 

Both the teachers and students dressed for the occasion. Most of the students are in traditional attire and brought along some goodies to be shared among their classmates. 

Beforehand, the teachers had created 4 corners where the students can enjoyed with their peers from their own cohorts. Teachers were placed in the different corners to explain to the students the significance of the different activities area. There were lion dance activity area, food tasting area, “dumplings “ picking area and the show n tell area. 

The children had fun listening and engaging in the various activities area. 

The deco around the activities area. 

Children received their oranges and hongbao from the centre leaders and Teachers. 

After the celebration, we kept most of the equipment for future use. This is the one occasion when the “dumpling” were re-used and this time used by the 18months TD class children. 

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