Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Pte Ltd

Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst
3 Aug

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Young Entrepreneurs’ Day #SSDB 2020

Our children worked hard for hours in preparing for Young Entrepreneurs’ Day and made items for charity sales. Each student made an individual artwork and items from natural materials such as citrus bar soaps, scented bag and succelents. Parents were also invited to bid for the paintings children made collectively and the auction raised fund of more than $2000 for charity. In total, there were 113 little Cherians who spent 30 hours on this SSDB project and charity drive. With the support of approximately 200 parents, we managed to sell everything online and raise charity fund of $3988. We are committed to donate all proceeds from the sales to Moonlight Home for the Aged and Handicapped, TOUCH Seniors Activity Center (Yishun), Serving People with Disabilities (SPD) and Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) in the form of essential items needed by the elderly and the people with disabilities. 

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