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19f, Charlton Lane, Singapore
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Cherie Hearts @ Charlton provides a good base of learning for the start of every child’s learning path. The centre ensures balanced work for the students, both hands-on and theory.

Cherie Hearts has Messy Day once or twice a month. It is where students get creative and messy by ‘coloring’ themselves with the materials provided such as paint, color starch, powder, etc. This allows students to be more exposed, putting them outside of their comfort zone.

Cherie Hearts has a very good rapport with parents where the principal, teachers and parents communicate as friends. There is outstanding number of family events to promote family bonding. The centre organizes events for every occasion to build family bonding between the parents and their child by doing mini projects like designing a lantern. Besides occasions, Cherie Hearts also organizes family outings, where everyone, including the principal and teachers, would go out on a fun day. This includes overseas trip, such as Desaru, Malaysia. The rapport between the teachers and parents are so strong that these events obtain outstanding outcomes. The centre also brings the students out for camp annually for more exposure.

Field trips are also organized for students at least once a month, according to their theme. This allows the students to visit various places such as museums, zoo, and etc.

Cherie Hearts provides a good grounding for toddlers, and a nice mix with fun and learning. The learning pace is also good, fun, and creative. It is definitely a good transition from childcare to primary”, said Mr David, a parent.


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