Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Pte Ltd

Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst
3 Sep 2021

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton - 2021 Young Entrepreneur’s Day #SSDB2021

Our children embarked on nature-inspired project and made worms-themed arts and crafts ranging from worm mugs made from earth clay to worm design tote bags and pencil cases. 

We are proud to announce that we have raised a total of S$4,088 from sales of art pieces, auction for paintings and cash donations. All proceeds go to the following beneficiaries, our community partners:

  1. Moonlight Home for the Aged and Handicapped 

  2. Touch Community - Senior Activity Centre

  3. SPD

  4. Society for the Aged Sick

We thank our parents for their support in this charity drive and kind donations for the community. 


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