Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Pte Ltd

Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst
3 Sep 2021

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton - Sprinkle Kindness in the Community with Healthy Donut Project #SSDB2021

Our K2 Cherians baked 88 healthier donuts at school in the morning on production day and invited their parents to support their project. They sold out all of the donuts and have withdrawn a total of $163 in cash from the donut sale. We thank parents for their kind donation.

The class have voted 🗳 TOUCH Senior Activity Centre, our community partner, as the recipient of the funds. The proceeds will be delivered to the organisation accordingly.

We have come to the end of our Project-Based Learning on topic Healthy Donuts 🍩 which allows the children to learn independently through exploration and research, with a dose of collaboration.

Our children enjoyed their learning journey and furthermore they can learn how to “sprinkle” kindness in the community which rounds up the entire experience to be meaningful.


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