Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton Pte Ltd

Eugenie Deany Diepenhorst
31 May 2023

Cherie Hearts@Charlton: SSDB Young Entrepreneurs’ Day x Fundraising for A Good Cause #SSDB2023

Little Cherians are involved in their project-based learning and based on their chosen topics for their project, they create amazing crafts and products for sale at our annual Young Entrepreneur’s Day. All children clock in 22 hours of their time learning and constructing the project, and the Kindergarten Twos learn about entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy during the fundraising as they commit themselves to be promoters and salespersons at the carnival, selling food, beverages, products and also attending game booths.

We also collaborate with Mouth & Foot Painting Artists and invited an artist to demonstrate mouth painting to create awareness about inclusivity and people who are differently-abled. Organisation like GreenSproutzSG that focuses on sustainability also collaborates with us and holds a parent-child workshop to promote recycling and repurposing.

We would like to sincerely thank all our parents and members of public for lending their support and taking the time to help out in our charity event. We proudly announce that our children and teachers have raised a total of S$9,568.00 for our 6 beneficiaries from non-profit organisations. Let’s bring the community together to do our part to help the less fortunate!

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