Samantha Chionh

Little Mighty Me

Samantha Chionh
2 Oct 2019

Celebrating creativity and imagination

It was the celebration of end of SSDB. The children came dressed as their favourite character in storybooks. There were so many creativity and hand made costumes that allowed the children to be as alike as their favourite storybook characters. There was even a debate of who the youngest mighty one was. Have a look below and cast your votes.

Nevertheless, you could see the amount of effort that parents have put in to dress their children up. We really appreciated it! And to end off the celebration, we had several skits by the teachers and kindergarteners to demonstrate that stories can also come alive in other forms. 

The English teachers put up the story of “Sang Nilah Utama” with the use of Wayang Kulit (traditional shadow puppet). 

The Chinese teachers had two skits. One was a cross talk between two motherly teachers. 

The other was “The Legend of Chang Er” (嫦娥奔月) in the form of dramatisation. It was definitely a great way to end off with a bang!

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