Cariza May

Learning Vision @ NUH

Cariza May
5 Nov 2020

Appreciating Food and Nature

The Nursery 1 children were engaged in the project of growing their own vegetables, despite the challenges of being an indoor school. Children were accustomed to the different tools needed in gardening and what their plants needed in growing the vegetables.

The seeds used for gardening were from NPARKS and their project, “Gardening with Edibles”. Children planted the seeds, such as tomatoes, green beans, lady finger and lettuce. They also had a schedule for watering their plants daily and ensuring that their plants get enough sunlight. They also experienced potato harvesting and learnt about begetables that grow under the soil, such as carrots, sweet potato, etc. Children also learnt about pulling out the weeds off their vegetables and relocating insects (instead of killing them) which shows respect to all living things, big or small.

There was a charity sale event that was conducted in a contactless way, wherein parents or purchasers were provided a list of children’s work/items for sale and with their corresponding prices. Then, their items were packed, paid and picked up on their chosen date and time.

The N1 children made vegetable canvas bags through painting and printing. They also sold their vegetable seedlings in the charity sale. The children were aware that the sales or proceeds of the event will be given or donated to people who are needy or those who needs special care. Through this project, the children were also made aware of the importance of vegetables as part of their meal. They also learnt that growing food (vegetables) was not an easy task as they have to put in so much time, work and patience in growing them. It made them appreciate the importance of vegetables and the effort of people (farmers) who work hard to bring fresh and healthy food on their plates.

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