Farhany Binte Abdul Razak

TwinkleKidz Academy Pte Ltd

Farhany Binte Abdul Razak
5 May 2021

A Better Tomorrow Starts With You and Me @ Twinklekidz Academy SSDB 2020

For this year’s Start Small Dream Big project, Twinklekidz Academy embraces togetherness and sense of belonging in the community. Titled ‘A Better Tomorrow Starts With You and Me’, we virtually launched our SSDB project with excitement on 25 June 2020. 

The project planning was initially brought about from the K2 children’s experiences in Term 1 on being Bucket Fillers. We learned the importance of showing care and kindness to everyone around us by being Bucket Fillers. Moving forward, we prepare our SSDB journey to include: ways we can make friends regardless of differences and advocating compassion for families, friends and community regardless of differences. As such, our main objective would be for the children to experience giving back to society regardless of differences by instilling sense of belonging and togetherness.

Leading the project, our K2 children prepared and gave out parcels of SSDB materials and resources for their N2 and K1 friends. Our K2 children then created and performed a Speech Choir including their aspirations and hopes to achieve through the project. During the launch party, we also celebrated the Chinese Dragon Boat festival which falls on the same day. We embraced the Chinese culture by tasting and sharing dumplings with our friends. We too created 3D dumpling craft as part of our cultural sharing by the Chinese Language teachers.

In lieu of Racial Harmony Day, we danced to Bollywood music, created our own Batik painting and designed our Chinese performer masks. We designed our Racial Harmony board by decorating and cutting out paper hands. Lastly, we enjoyed the celebration by tasting food from the four cultures: Indian, Malay, Chinese and Eurasian. All in all, we had an enjoyable and exciting time participating in the cultural activities.

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