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Once you step into TwinkleKidz Academy you will be greeted by the beautiful art & craft projects that the students have created. Each theme or topic taught by the school is translated into new precious art pieces by the children and decorated all over the School. The school primarily adopts Literature based learning and uses rhymes, storybooks and poems which evoke the curiosity of the children to open the doors of learning.

From Mondays to Thursdays teachers introduce a new theme or topic and facilitates the learning using the various mediums. To further enhance the children’s learning, K1 and K2 students are also taught how to research online. On Fridays, specialists take a leaf from the week’s theme to conduct special lessons consisting of arts and craft, theatre and performance. For example the teachers used Dr Seuss storybooks and the children take charge of their learning by getting their parents to aid them in their research as well as assist them in preparing for their show and tell. This allows parents to be aware of what their kids are doing in school. Parents have embraced this as they saw how their children have grown to be more engaged and confident.

The highlight of the week for every child is the outdoor water-play activity done at the open top terrace. Everyday a different level gets to partake in this fun activity and attendance is always full on that day.

The school also finds other fun ways to engage the students outdoors by doing circuit training and cycling. Field trips are frequently held and students are introduced to the theme of the field trip a week in advance with pre-trip and follow up activities conducted before and after the excursion. This vastly deepens the experience and learning for kids.

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