Chris Yean

TwinkleKidz Academy Pte Ltd

Chris Yean
14 Sep 2017

TwinkleKidz are Friends Indeed!

TwinkleKidz children embarked on a month long project creating beautiful art pieces on the theme of friendship as part of our Start Small Dream Big 2017 “A friend in need is a friend indeed” charity fund-raising!

The different classes embarked on different art techniques e.g. K2s created doodles, K1s had salt painting, N2s created collages and the N1s and PGs did credit card scraping and shapes printing respectively. First, we had children explore what friendship was all about through stories and songs then shared our thoughts on the topic and finally chose our art techniques based on children’s interest.

The final step involved our K2 Parent Volunteers; Keith Nakamura and Peifen who worked to collate all 60 of our children’s individual work into a Digital Super Collage! The children’s individual work were also printed on merchandise like stainless steel tumblers, mugs, throw cushions and blankets. These art products were uploaded onto a website where all the parents of our school could browse through and make their respective orders to the teachers.

We are so thankful for our parents’ fervent support that helped us to raise our targeted funds for our project partner, Singapore Children’s Society! We know these funds will definitely help our friends at the Society and are very glad we could share our blessings with them!

This project is truly a work of HeART that was made possible by parents, teachers, staff and children! Kudos to all of us at TwinkleKidz!

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