Debbie Goh

TwinkleKidz Academy Pte Ltd

Debbie Goh
4 Sep 2019

Courteous And Compassionate Companions

This year we want to show our appreciation to our seniors and grandparents aligning with Singapore celebrating Bicentennial year. 

We had a grand opening reception inviting the grandparents for tea. Children performed 1 song – I love my grandparents using self made percussion shakers. During the celebration, the children listened to advice of the grandfather about respecting the elders around them. 

To show courtesy and compassion to the community helpers around our neighbourhood, we participated in “ Keep Clean, Singapore” event on 29 May 2019. K2 children led the N2 & K1 children, together with their parents and grandparents to clean up the Opera Estate community park.

Children also came up with a plan to visit the seniors and their final plan was to visit Peacehaven Nursing Home. 

To show that they are the future companions, the children initiated the food donation drive to support the needs of the senior at the nursing home.  Parents have donated generously to the food donation drive. Together with parents the K2 and K1 children delivered the donation items on 9 July 2019.

In view of our visit to Peacehaven Nursing Home, K2 children designed and created their version of ‘Stress ball’ for the seniors to help strengthen their grip strength and exercise their finger and hand muscles at the same hand time, keeping them physically stimulated through hand exercises using the stress ball to improve blood circulation event though they are wheelchair bounded.

On the day of visit, the K1 and K2 children performed 2 songs and played BINGO games with the seniors. Through the game children learnt that the senior’s reflects are slow and mobility is low. They need more to engage and carry out the game. The children encourage and motivate the senior throughout the game. The song brought joy, fun and warmth to the seniors to lighten up their mood and gave them emotionally encouragement.

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