Purani A/P Paramalingam

Purani A/P Paramalingam

Kitakids (Educational Leader)


LittleLives has helped our operations such as fees collection, become more manageable and simpler. It is so much easier now since the system is automated, with invoices becoming easier to generate and payment collection has become more seamless now! We're happy to use LittleLives because our goal is to go paperless, and LittleLives is the right system to do with!

We have a lot of reports that need to be printed and shared with parents, but now since all information is available on LittleLives (Portfolios, Evaluation, Attendance, etc), it has made our lives easier here at Kitakids.

Recently, LittleLives also introduced a new feature, called 2-Way Communications which helped us keep in touch with parents effectively and effortlessly. LittleLives is a good platform to help our school in all operations!