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The International Conference for Early Childhood (ICE) is headed by LittleLives Inc and is specifically developed for the benefit of all relevant parties involved in the pre-school education system in Asia. Inaugurated in 2017, the Conference provides a platform for early childhood school operators and educators to gather insights and exchange views on the early childhood industry in ASEAN with politicians, academics, global practitioners, and community leaders.

ICE plans to showcase the importance of early childhood education and care. The conference will explore how the various stakeholders (Educators, Parents, Government, the private sector and Technological Partners) can play a part in making early childhood programmes more inclusive of parent involvement, and how adopting technology can facilitate updating parents on their child’s progress and ensuring that early childhood schools incorporate best practices with an emphasis on the arts and technology.

The Conference this year, 2019, is targeted at educators from both private and public early childhood institutions, including international schools. The theme for the conference this year, “Enhancing Early Childhood Education in the Digital Era” seeks to empower various stakeholders to take ownership in creating a holistic environment that allows a child to seek answers and become a lifelong learner. This theme is in line with article 4.2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 to ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.

In addition, the International Conference Early Childhood Education (ICE) 2019 aims to expose participants to international best practices that can inspire every pre-school to be a good school in the digital era.

About ICE 2019

International Speaker: Beth C Fredericks

Encourage a Curious Mind: Apply STEAM & Enhance School–Parent Relationship

Vietnamese Speakers

Vietnamese SpeakersProf. Nguyen Dai Hai with topic "Social Emotional Learning for Pre-school Age Children in the Digital Era"

Prof. Nguyen Thi My Trinh with topic "Innovation Orientation for Early Childhood Education in Coming Period"

Panel Discussion:

The Challenge of the 21st Century: Nurturing Young Children to be Creative Communicators, Collaborators, and Critical Thinkers


1. Doodling Your Way to the Future Technology Workshop

2. Full STEAM Ahead! Power Up Your Curriculum with Arts! Arts Workshop


International Cooperation Opportunities in Early Childhood Education in Vietnam




UNICEF is the global leader promoting and protecting children’s rights in 190 countries, including Viet Nam.

UNICEF Viet Nam is one of more than 190 offices of the United Nations Children’s Fund globally and part of the United Nations system in Viet Nam working in close collaboration with all UN agencies in the country. Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has a universal mandate to promote and protect the rights of all children, everywhere – especially those hardest to serve and most at risk.

UNICEF’s mission in Viet Nam is to make sure every child in the country is healthy, educated and safe from harm, therefore having the best start in life and a fair chance to reach her or his full potential and benefit from the country’s prosperity. We believe children have a right to live in a more equitable society, where their voices are heard and needs met as a matter of priority in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.



The Vietnam Institute of Education Sciences, which operates under the Ministry of Education and Training’s management, has the function of assisting the Minister in:

  • Conducting research and development in educational sciences, state management in education, and education institution management, strategies for educational development and policies for educational development.
  • Providing master and doctorate programs in educational sciences and other related fields.
  • Disseminating information on educational sciences, and publishing book.

LittleLives Inc

Ranked as the Top Preschool Software by Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) – AECES, LittleLives is a preschool management system that helps teachers monitor the child’s health, attendance and learning. Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). LittleLives hold a strong presence in over 1000 schools in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Launch of LittleLives Global Initiative



LittleHearts encourages pre-schools to showcase unique lesson plans, methodologies adopted in classrooms, and efforts to promote community engagement. This initiative also allows pre-schools to share their ideas and best practices to create a platform for the early childhood industry to celebrate innovation. On a global level, LittleHearts aims to connect pre-schools around the world through a network of community projects and stories.


ACTs of Life (Arts)

ACTs of Life (Arts)

STEAM learning happens when children experience the world around them through exploration, play, and discovery. The addition of “art” to STEM education in an early childhood classroom serves to stimulate children’s creativity and their ability to innovate and invent. This workshop delves into ACTs of Life’s successful methods in which they explore Art in cohesion with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in early childhood education. Through stories, songs, drama and art projects, children are encouraged to pursue their curiosities, engage with the world, and draw conclusions on how things work and how to build or develop.

  • To explore and understand ACTs of Life’s successful pedagogy and methods which highlight STEAM learning in early childhood education
  • To employ knowledge and skills learned in this workshop to other, various early childhood settings or classrooms
  • To be creative and open to the magical possibilities of children’s minds

Learning Horizon (Technology)

Learning Horizon (Technology)

The use of the acronym STEM has become the buzz word among many stakeholders who have heeded the call for creating better prepared education globally. In the effort of exploring STEM as a purposeful integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in early childhood education, this workshop employs a simple concept of doodle-bot and aims to provide a practical implementation of STEM education in everyday classroom. Doodle-bot is a toy robot that can be constructed using everyday household items, powered by simple electrical circuit of vibratory motor and batteries.

  • To investigate how different disciplines of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integrated and contributed to a blended approach that teaches 21st Century Skills
  • To apply the principles of art and design thinking to plan and construct a Doodle Bot
  • To employ knowledge of electric circuits to design and construct a simple circuit with motor

Early Childhood Educators in Asia


International Guests

Our Speakers

Beth C Fredericks

Beth C Fredericks

Executive Director of Wheelock College-Singapore

Nguyen Dai Hai

Nguyễn Đại Hải

Creative director and co-founder of WOW Bali

Arjuna Raj

Arjuna Raj

Chief Strategy Officer, LittleLives

Nguyen Thi My Trinh

Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Trinh

Director of Preschool Education Research Center, VNIES

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