LittleLives Team
LittleLives Team

Our Mission

Making an impact on every aspect of school

LittleLives is built around the idea that we all
have a part to play in a child’s education; from
parents to administrators, to teachers and
principals, and tech partners like ourselves.

It is an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission
that our diverse team is dedicated to achieving.
We value teamwork over individual accolades,
and as a young company, we cherish a great
can-do-attitude above all else.

At the end of the day, we all own a piece of
what we are building together and contribute
towards a vision bigger than ourselves.

Exciting challenges lie ahead - new regions,
technologies and businesses.

Join us if you’re up for it!


Diverse teams, one mission

    Core Values


    Know Your Goals

    Our purpose is clear. We identify what we want to achieve and build our game plan accordingly.


    Be Solution-Oriented

    We believe that problems are opportunities. It’s a chance to refine or even rebuild our work with clearer ideas.


    Think Big Picture

    Ideas are usually bigger than we realise. How are your contributions going to play out in the grand scheme of things?


    Be Helpful, Be Brave

    Be brave enough to try. If you struggle in the process, have the courage to draw strength from your peers.


    Build a Safe Environment

    There will be days when we feel vulnerable. We try to make them a little easier on each other by being kind and accepting.

    Live your best life

    There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to feel challenged but supported.

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    Hear from LittleLives Team

    Patricia Albert
    Country Head, Malaysia
    Patricia Albert