It takes a village
to run a school

When you use LittleLives, you get the help of easy-to-use
tools that will make everyday operations more enjoyable!


Track children’s continual learning

@ Educators:

Record learning activities and observations throughout the year and generate a portfolio to show parents at the end of the year.

@ Leaders:
  • Keep track of children’s learning as they move from year to year.
  • Maintain a high quality of work among teachers by having oversight on the school’s learning portfolios.
  • Showcase to parents the high standard of care and learning happening in your school.
@ Parents:

Know how good your teachers are and work hand-in-hand with them towards your child’s healthy development.

Track children’s continual learning 1

Track children’s continual learning 2


Generate reports at the click of a button. No more digging through paper records!

  • Keep safe, digital records of your school forever, and keep your regulators and auditors happy too.
  • Gather insights across your entire school on attendance, health, visitors, enrolment and more. Improve operations with a better understanding of your centre.
  • See an overview of all the centres in your chain of schools from the comfort of your Headquarters.
Generate reports at the click of a button. No more digging through paper records!


An integrated fee management system

  • Receive fewer emails from confused parents as LittleLives Fees provide a clear breakdown of invoice items.
  • Send fee reminders, generate instant invoices, and store digital receipts for every transaction.
  • Go cashless and eliminate the risk that comes with cash transactions.
  • Headquarters can enjoy greater transparency of all schools’ finances.
  • Yearly financial audits aren’t dreaded anymore because all of your fees records are stored in one place.
An integrated fee management system

Centre Log

  • Record accidents, birthdays, and any events, whether routine or out of the ordinary.
  • Improve communication among school staff. It takes less than a minute to update the whole centre!
  • View a journal of every school term by day, and inspect trends.
Centre Log