Ain Suraya Mior Azri

Ain Suraya Mior Azri

The children’s house @ Ara Damansara (Principal)


As a principal, I rely heavily on the Events and Bulletin features to help me share information to parents more efficiently. Having a user-friendly interface, uploading and sending out files to parents on any school activities such as Coffee Talk, Holiday Camps and Culture Day becomes a breeze.

Having nearly 30 staff in my centre certainly is a challenging task as the need to constantly monitor their work timings arises. However, with a similar check-in and check-out method like the children, I am able to monitor the teachers’ attendance with the Reports tab.

Ultimately, the most important and often used feature in LittleLives by teachers and parents, is definitely the portfolio! The simplicity of uploading and sharing photos and videos with a flick of the finger is definitely a plus. We have eliminated the need to print out pictures when we have our Parents & Teacher Meetings, and parents are always updated on their child’s progress in school every fortnight.

With newer updates and addition that LittleLives has, and will make for 2019, we are certainly looking forward in managing and strengthening the communication between school and parents.