Jaslene Peh Hai May

Lakeside (LA)

Jaslene Peh Hai May
10 Aug 2021

We Reuse and Upcycle to Create Shirt Tote Bags @ Pat's Schoolhouse (Lakeside)

As part of our SSDB project ‘Go Green, Save the Earth’, kindergarten children at Pat’s Schoolhouse (Lakeside) upcycled and created shirt tote bags during this June holiday. With the support of our parents, our Kindergarten children brought in old cotton T-shirts to upcycle! Children were hyped up to get started after learning how to make it via videos and demonstrations shown. Here’s our children in action!

With the facilitation of our class teachers, children cut and tied knots at the bottom of the shirts to create their very own shirt tote bags in school! 

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