Wendy Ong Kwee Lan

My First Skool @ Serangoon North Blk 140

Wendy Ong Kwee Lan
19 May

We Love Food!

To kick start our SSDB 2022 project - We love food! Teachers of classes introduce and ignite children’s thinking to ponder upon the amount of food wastage we had in daily life. Through storytelling, children understand various food sources and the scarcity of it. We empower children to create awareness by designing posters and flyers to share with parents and peers. We take this opportunity of launch to educate and share with our stakeholders the importance of minimising food waste.

On launch day, representatives of the class invited parents to complete a survey on their household food wastage, shared with parents and children of other levels the aim of our SSDB 2022 ‘We Love Food’ project. We received many compliments and praises for the drive of this project and our children can’t wait to dive right into it to learn more about how each individual could play a part for sustainability.

Additionally, we were proudly invited by Preschool Market to share the rationale behind our SSDB project this year! And we look forward to collaborating with both our parents and community partners in the months to come. 

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