Nurazreen Bte Ismail

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jalan Kayu Blk 518 (DS)

Nurazreen Bte Ismail
15 Jul

We care for our elderly!

During the Home-Based Learning (HBL) period, the children started their very first Start Small Dream Big activity – caring for their grandparents. With the current COVID19 outbreak, we want the children to understand how the elderly are much more vulnerable to the disease and we should care for them.

The children did various activities with their grandparents such as creating a small banner or artwork with message of hope to put up on their windows, making cards to grandparents who are not staying together with them, trying out their grandparents’ childhood food and playing games with them. The bonding sessions helped the children to know more about their grandparents and appreciate all their hard work that they have done for them. Kudos, children!

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