Thomas Manjula

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 157 (KN)

Thomas Manjula
13 Jul


With the re-opening of the school , Children were given the role of ambassadors to ensure that the ABCs of back to school were implemented and followed by the peers in the class. The AMBASSADORS decided to also take over the role to keep the classroom clean , ensure safe distancing and practise hand washing procedures by everybody . With the absence of the cleaner aunty , children also decide to take over her role with the cleaning of the table, picking up the rubbish and also clearing the dust bin . Each and everyone carried their duties willingly and dutifully , ensuring a smooth and easy routine in the classroom.

WELL DONE “AMBASSADORS “!Ensuring social distancing are being maintained by the peers at the wash basin bay and children practising the 8  steps in the hand washing process.

Taking responsibilities to tidy up the table in order to be safe from COVID-19. 

Ensuring that the toilets are clean and dry after use by the peers .

The ambassadors picking up the used tissues from the floor  and clearing up the refuse bag for disposal in the absence of the cleaner .

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