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Alya Insyirah
27 Jun

We are born of love; Love is our mother - Mother's Day 2022 - (6 May 2022)

Mother’s day is a time to where we show our appreciation to our mothers. We celebrate the moments and memories shared and the many sacrifices our mums made that made us who we are today. SKC takes part in our annual Mother’s Day event on the 6th May to show gratitude and appreciation for our mothers. To commemorate this day, we celebrated this occasion filled with art, cookery which the children also and appreciation videos for our mums. 

The children were dressed in many colourful clothes, each representing their mother’s favourite colours. The children shared about the fun times they had with their mothers and watched an appreciation video they made for their mothers. 

The children put their heart and soul into creating something special this mother’s day. From making a heart shaped picture frame to writing and decorating a thank you card. They N2s and K2s were also engaged in cookery activities. The N2s made sweet and delicate honey cornflakes snacks and the K2s made chewy and fluffy oreo bars just like the love a mother has for their children.

Here are some photos of the children enjoying making special treats to surprise their moms with! 

After working hard to make the beautiful cards and delicious snacks, the children couldn’t wait to present them to their mothers. To end off this joyous occasion, children gave these gifts to their mothers when they were going home, and these gifts put a smile on both mum and child’s faces.

Thank you, Mothers, for being the source of calmness in the sea of uncertainty ♡

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