Nur Nadia Natasya Binte Mohd Yasman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok Blk 148 (KN)

Nur Nadia Natasya Binte Mohd Yasman
21 Sep 2023

Visits to Bukit Batok Care Home

We visited Bukit Batok Care Home this year multiple times to spread love and show our care for them. Children were very excited to return back and were able to chatter away with elderly! We did some heart crafts with the elderly with children helping with the fine motor skills tasks. We also came back to do recycled plastic bottles planting with the children’s parents support of providing plastic bottles. The children did the steps of planting spring onions for the elderly as that’s common vegetable we can use for cooking! Some of the children also did a fragrant satchet with the elderly to clebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Children showed lots of care and love witht their little helping hands for the elderly at Bukit Batok Care Home!

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