Sohfiyah Binte Abdullah Sani

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 207 (CC)

Sohfiyah Binte Abdullah Sani
26 Aug 2018

Visit from Clementi Police Officers

We invited the Clementi Division Police Officers to come down to our centre on the 27th June 2018 to share with the children about their job scope, roles and responsibilities in maintaining law and order in the community and whole of Singapore.

The children enjoyed the talk and learnt more about the different police units that they have.

The children presented the police officers with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ in recognition of their work in protecting Singapore as well as coming down to the centre to give a talk about their roles in the society.

This experience also helped the children to understand, be appreciative and kind to the police officers.

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