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Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

Siti Aida
21 Mar

Together We Keep Singapore Strong! - Total Defence Day 2024 (15 February 2024)

On 15th February 2024, Skool4kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park celebrated Total Defence Day. It is a day where Singapore’s fall to the Japanese in 1942. It is also an occassion to refamiliarize children with the modern defence  strategy of “Total Defence” which Singapore has adopted to ensure our continued survival and security. Celebrating Total Defence acts as a reminder to all especially children that we all have a part to play in defending our home, Singapore. On this day, children were encouraged to dress in uniformed groups. 

We were pleased to have two parent volunteers who specially came down to give a talk on how their profession contributed to the defence of Singapore. One of them is a paramedic (SCDF) and the other is a nurse from a private hospital. Our parent volunteers came with PPT slides prepared for the children.

Children came to school feeling excited as they get to showcase their outfit of the day. Teachers invited them to share what they know about the profession they put on. Teachers engaged children in discussion to talk about how these uniformed group members play an important role in keeping Singapore safe.

Children were engaged in various activities in the different stations. Each of the station focused on the six pillars of Total Defence. For gross motor activity, children were required to hop from one hula hoop to the next, balanced the toss ring on their head and crawled theough a tunnel. Children took part in different role play scenarios. They pretended to be a doctor examining their patients while the others become firefighters fighting fire.

Together, we can keep Singapore strong & safe!

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