Kamini D/O Patrick Pandian

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Glam Blk 462 (DS)

Kamini D/O Patrick Pandian
2 Jul

There’s always something to be Thankful for 🥰

N2 Children from PCF SPARKLETOTS @ Kampong Glam Block 462 (DS) engaged in a craft activity to show their appreciation to our Centre’s Cook Aunty to thank her for cooking them delicious food everyday in school. They made their individual heart shaped flower and made a flower bouquet out of all the individual flowers. Children enjoyed the process of creating the heart shaped flower and giving it to our Centre’s Cook Aunty. In connection with our PCF Core Values “Graciousness”, children displayed graciousness by showing their appreciation for the people around them. In par with the SSDB theme “Our Family, Our Community” our lovely children are doing their part in showing their love and appreciation to the community around them 🥰

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