Frances Jane Rosales

My First Skool @ Strathmore Ave

Frances Jane Rosales
6 May 2022

Taking Care of the Elderly amidst Covid-19

Elderly people’s health and condition are at higher risk if they get infected with Covid-19. The said virus may weaken their immune system which will more likely weaken their body’s ability to fight infectictious diseases.

My First Skool @ Strathmore in collaboration with Silverace at Bukit Merah, played their part to encourage and care for the elderly by enumerating healthy ways to keep themselves safe and healthy at all times.

The precautionary measures include staying at home, avoiding crowded places as far as possible, wearing of masks when they needed to go out, remaining vigilant in maintaining good personal hygiene by washing their hands frequently and avoiding touching their face especially their eyes, nose and mouth, drinking lots of water, sleeping and waking up early and do exercise.

This pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another, and while we keep our guard to protect ourselves and our families, we should not forget the vulnerable in our society who are in need of our help and support most. It can be as simple as just keeping a look out for them.

Nobody should be left behind amidst Covid-19, so let us work together to keep our community and elderly safe.

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