Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel

7 Sep 2021

Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel SSDB intergeneration collaboration with Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee)

As part of Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel’s effort to build a digitally inclusive society for our Start Small Dream Big 2021 project, we have managed to partner with Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee) through the help of the Agency for Integrated Care Pte. Ltd (AIC).

COVID-19 posed many challenges for preschools and nursing homes. However, we recognised the need for children and seniors to be able to connect with the community while being safe. A Zoom video conference was organised with Econ for the children and seniors to participate in intergenerational activities. Conducted through a live stream, the children from N2 to K2 children performed a series of live performances for the seniors such as poetry recitations, different types of dance and shared their Kamishibai storytelling regarding inclusivity.

Both the children and seniors had a great time through the virtual session! Such intergenerational activity offers children opportunities to learn about inclusivity, be involved with people who are two or three generations apart and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention. For the seniors, it is also an opportunity to play, laugh, and enjoy the spirit and joy that children bring to their environment.

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