Ms  Mandy Chan

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Ms Mandy Chan
7 Dec 2021

Staying Connected with Our Community

The children embarked on their first SSDB project and were engaged in building relationships with the community as well as caring for the elders through the project.

The centre reached out to an elderly care-home in the neighbourhood for a virtual celebration as a form of staying connecting during this pandemic.

Prior to the event, the children explored the topic of kindness and giving during their curriculum. They learnt about how visits to care-homes were suspended due to the Covid-19 situation (back in June) and shared their thoughts on how the elderlies would feel if they could not have visitors.

The children then decided to put together donation boxes and involved their parents in this part of the project, donating essential items for the care-home as part of showing care. They were involved in packing of the items, decorating the boxes as well as making cards for the elderlies as a form of reaching out!

The day finally came - National Day! The children were excited to perform their dance to the elderlies and work out with them to our NDP workout songs. It was a wonderful experience for the children as they got a chance to meet and greet the elderlies for the first time through Zoom! The elderlies were participative as well and enjoyed watching the children’s performances.

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