Lucas Children Academy

Lucas Children Academy

Lucas Children Academy
12 May 2018

Start Small with area cleaning

This is our first attempt to work on the ‘Start Small Dream Big’ initiative and we sure were excited about it !

The parcel arrived and children were eager to see what’s in it. Upon sharing on the embarkment of the project, we were surprised at how the children reacted and expressed their thoughts and opinions about protecting our environment! They were very involved in the planning process where we brainstormed ideas like why do we need to protect our environment, what are the consequences of not protecting our environment, what to pack for our community helpers and how to execute area cleaning.

Children were estatic and counted down to the area cleaning day! Upon arrival, children observed the environment and started to discuss what are considered as “litter”. It was heartening to see how children participated in area cleaning- not worried about dirtying thier hands and they definitely had fun inder the sun.

The teachers were very proud of them seeing them showing their appreciation to our community helpers while delivering the goodie bags. We did not tell them what to say to the community helpers and they expressed their gratitude from thier heart - “thank you Uncle for keeping our environment clean!”

Hot and tired as they were, but the children definitely played their part and helped in their little way to protect our environment. :)

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