Olalia Charlotte Anne Gregorio

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 775 (KN)

Olalia Charlotte Anne Gregorio
15 Oct

Start Small, Dream Big Finale

Our centre had a successful finale of Start Small, Dream Big 2020. In connection to the theme: A Caring & Inclusive Home for All, we also included Care for the Elderly which lead us to make something for the elders. Our N2 children coloured the fishes and made a fishing game for them.

Let’s try it… 

Testing if the magnets are working…

And yes! We got it! 

The K1 children made a kendama out of plastic bottles. They pasted stickers to decorate the bottles. They learned to take turns and tied a string to a plastic cap.

The K2 children focused on making two presents for the elders. One group made musical instruments out of reusable materials and the other group made puzzles. The children worked together in finishing these items for the elders to play with.

The Caring and Respecting for the Elderly project (C.A.R.E) came to an end for our Start Small, Dream Big 2020. We had food drive event through donations and contribution of food items for the elderly.

We are thankful to all parents for donating such items.

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