Siti Sarah Binte Abdul Halim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Joo Chiat (DS)

Siti Sarah Binte Abdul Halim
21 Jun

Start Small Dream Big 2023 Launch Party @ PCF Sparkletots Joo Chiat 15

As we embark on the SSDB 2023 journey, the N2 children were introduced to the topic ‘Kindness and Appreciation for Others’. Before jumping into discussion, Teacher Siti displayed a picture of a child helping another child who fell and explained that the action of helping other is called helping hands. They started sharing their own experience of helping others. The explore a variety of ways to help others, the children watch the SSDB 2023 Launch Video.

The N2 discussed that they can show kindness by helping their caregivers, siblings, teachers and friends.

They brainstormed various ways they can help their caregivers, recognising that just as caregivers provide for them, they can also offer support and kindness in return. The children suggested helping their caregivers with errands, offering to run to the grocery store or assist with daily tasks that can become overwhelming at times.

Through this launch, we hope that the children will continue to appreciate the people around them by showing kindness and graciousness. 

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