Gamboa Elizabeth Sable

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang North Blk 292B (KN)

Gamboa Elizabeth Sable
16 Sep

Start Small Dream Big 2020

Indeed our dream was just a small one before-to make a tote bags from an old shirt and to collect healthy food from the parents.  We thought it was impossible to collect contributions from the children since we are also experiencing difficulties because of Covid19 but we were impressed that everyone did their part. 

Aside from the parents’ contributions the children also made a tote bag from an old shirt. The children were given opportunities to decorate the shirt, and were able to exhibit creativity by drawing on the shirt using a fabric marker. Some children wrote “I love you, Thank you and I Am proud of you.” They hope that these phrases will uplift the morale of our dear heroes-the frontliners.Before we ended our project we had a brief discussion about what they have learnt, and hearing the words that they have said made me feel proud of our kids. It is not about the tote bag or the food that we are going to donate, but we learned to be grateful and to do something good to others and to our nature. As a teacher the children taught me to listen to their ideas and not just mine. They maybe small but they have brilliant ideas. 

Our dream were just small but we hope it will inspire others. 

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