Chong Oi Li

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 157 (kn)

Chong Oi Li
21 Aug 2018

Start Small Dream Big 2018

May 2018 Parents’ Day Celebration -  To show appreciation towards parents, we celebrated ‘Happy Parents’ Day’ to honor all parents who raised and sacrificed for their children. Children performed n sang to the parents on this special day. To make parents feel extra special, teachers have a ‘sweat it out’ session with them before getting together for a healthy breakfast.

May 2018 Picking Up Litter Around The Neighborhood - Cleaning up the neighborhood is a fun and simple activity that can have instant results for the children. Taking all necessary precaution such as, wearing gloves, plastic bags to collect trash, being careful near the road, having adults handling dangerous objects and supervising children closely. Children will be able to learn about reducing waste and encouraging recycling. 

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