Saraswathy Kindergarten (SKG)

4 Aug 2017

SSDB2017 @ Saraswathy Kindergarten & Saraswathy Darma Muneeswaran Kindergarten- Love Beyond.....

Here at Saraswathy, we are always practicing a Sharing &Caring culture. This year we decided to share it with our fellow preschool community. The arms of LOVE starts with ME and it goes beyond. Our objective is to show that there is no limit to show love. Through this project, children would be involved in fun activities where they would be doing self-analysis on why they love themselves and it goes beyond to identify how they can share their love with parents, family, school, friends, community, our country and the world.

Children are encouraged to share their ideas on what kind of activities could be done for each category. Parents are also keen to assist us in this project too. We are all excited and looking forward for a fun filled learning journey.

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