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7 Jul 2018

SSDB Yes Cubbies, No Cubbies @Mini World

In line with our SSDB kindness Project, the “Yes Cubbies, No Cubbies” Bumper Edition cards were used as teaching and formation tool to recognise the various Kind Acts and remind us about Unkind Acts.

An innovation was made in  playing it. Two children were volunteered to hold the “Yes” and “No” Sign. The Children were each given a card and they have to figure if the action shown in the card is “Kind” or “Unkind”. If their answer is “Kind”, they have to group themselves at the side of “Yes”. If No, they have to group themselves at the side of “No”.

After playing the game, the teacher discussed the answers with the children and they were encouraged to share and write down their kind acts.

We aim that the children will apply different Acts of Kindness in real life.

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