Ms Zubaidah Ibrahim

Bubblesland Playhouse Pte Ltd

Ms Zubaidah Ibrahim
29 Mar 2018

SSDB Project Launch 2018@Bubblesland Playhouse

In April 2018, Bubblesland Playhouse is excited to embark on the SSDB project for the first time!! Our Project Title is “Kindness Starts with Me!”

We hope to inculcate kindness into the children’s daily lives and routine; be it at home, at school, at play or even in our community. We believe kindness starts with ourselves and can be spread to others via the simple things we do daily.

A touch of kindness goes a long way and makes us better individuals in our community. The teachers, children and our families will be engaged in team projects, charity drives, family involvement and school and community partnerships during the course of our SSDB Project journey.

Do give us your full support and look out for our Project updates, events and pictures! 

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