Calamba Micah Dulla

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines North Blk 443 (CC)

Calamba Micah Dulla
7 Jun 2021

SSDB Project In Collaboration with LionBefrienders - Morning Exercise

In collaboration with our community partner LionBefrienders, the children from N1 to K2 level has been doing morning exercises for the elderly via Zoom every Tuesday, starting from 4th of August to present.

The teachers carefully select exercises that are both fun & attainable for both the elderly & the children during the meeting via TEAMS. Props or materials (e.g. blocks, scarf, crushed balls and beanbags) for the exercises were put into consideration as well to help motivate both children & the elderly.

Our centre works closely with LionBefrienders to discuss updates on the sessions, list of activities , planning & implementing of the exercises virtually that would work for both age groups. Here are some of the snaps & videos taken during our morning exercises.

Here are the children doing their morning exercises.

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