Jasreen Ong

Agape Little Uni @ Gambas

Jasreen Ong
27 Jan 2023

SSDB Opening Launch - Colour the World with Love

Agape Little Uni @ Gambas is proud to kickstart our SSDB 2020 Project, “Colour the World with Love”! As we’ve seen how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected lives of people in Singapore and all over the world. Together with the children, we want to give back to the community as well as do our part in helping people that have been affected! This year, we have decided to raise funds for Community Chest’s Invictus Funds! 

With the safety measures in placed due to the pandemic, we were unfortunately unable to have a big scale opening launch. Nonetheless, the children had great fun as we wrote heartfelt messages and wishes, to thank healthcare workers, to encourage Singaporeans and everyone in the fight against the pandemic. 

The children are excited to begin working on their art pieces for our project!

Stay tuned to check out the children at work in the next story!

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