Nurul Asyikin

Kidz Meadow Childcare and Development Centre (Eunos)

Nurul Asyikin
15 May

SSDB Launch @ Pasir Ris Park

On 19th of April, Kidz Meadow (Eunos) kickstart our Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) journey by having a launch party, where parents were invited to the event.

“United for a better tomorrow ” was the chosen theme for this year SSDB.

The toddlers to K2 children together with their parents joined us for our launch party at Pasir Ris park where we also had our family day and Earth day.

The event started off with an introduction of SSDB, our partners and programmes throughout the year with our supportive parents. We also shared the activities that we had done during the previous years so as to give a clearer picture to the parents participating this year.

A child from K2 and her parents did the official launching of our 2024 SSDB project.

The children then performed a song entitled “Save the planet” for the parents after our official launch, followed by a zumba session. The children definitely had so much fun especially when their parents joined in the session.

Afterwards, we had a beach cleanup. Each family were given a plastic bag and gloves for them to collect the trash. Families raced to collect the most amount of trash to entitle the winner of the activity.

Children were then awarded with a certificate of completion and a token of appreciation.

We then moved on to our family day activities, where children together with their parents played family games. Everyone showed their enthusiasm and were eager to win the most happening family award.

We ended our SSDB cum family day with a good spread of food contributed by parents.

With our SSDB theme, “United for a better tomorrow”, we hope to instill good values in the children. Apart from senior citizens, community helpers and disabled, we aim to foster the spirit of sharing and caring with our community members.

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