Ser Siew Hoon

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang North Blk 292B (KN)

Ser Siew Hoon
3 May

SSDB Launch Party 3rd May 2021: Let's Save Water! (Part 1)

Water is precious! Let’s learn to save water as every drop counts.

Water conservation started with PUB resources packages which included stories, posters, songs and colouring worksheets of Water Wally. Children learned simple tips on being a responsible Water user.

Apart from the resources activities, they also designed patterns around the droplet cards with simple slogans such as: Water is precious, Every drop counts, Let’s save water….

These droplet cards were hung together with the SSDB banner as the launching project on Water saving.

Another way to inculate good saving water was to collect rain water. Parents were involved to decorate recycled bottles and transformed into watering cans. Children were proud of their bottles as they cautiously poured rain water into their bottles.

In our school mini garden, children went round and had fun watering the plants with their bottles!

The process of saving water has taught children to reuse, recycle and to conserve water.

For part 2 activities, more saving water procedure will be introduced!

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