Abear Beverly Guarin

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Blk 632 (DS)

Abear Beverly Guarin
4 May 2021

SSDB Launch Party 2021 - “Sending Love from Generation to Generation”     PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ AMK-Hougang Blk 632

‘Sending love from Generation to Generation.’

The theme of this year’s ‘Start Small Dream Big’ is “Stay Connected, Make a Difference”. It is aligned with the President’s Challenge’s that focuses on giving everyone a chance to contribute to society. Through ‘Start Small Dream Big’, we encourage all preschool children to care for their community in their own unique ways.

AH632 launched ‘Start Small Dream Big’ on 22 April 2021. Children, with guidance from their teachers, select the causes they want to champion. The topic that our centre is focusing on will be ‘Caring for our Community.’ , especially to our elderly.

Through the ‘Start Small Dream Big’ project, our children learn how to care for the others and show kindness, compassion and appreciation. “The ‘Start Small Dream Big’ movement empowers our children to give back to our community through creative and meaningful projects, cultivating a caring and inclusive society for all.

A “Thank you” card for our grandparents Children prepared handmade cards for their grandparents as well as for the aunties in school. There really is no denying that a handmade card goes a long way, as knowing someone has taken the time to make you something special is always heart-warming. Thus, this was a chance for the children to show their grandparents and aunties in school, on how much they mean to them and to express their love. They wrote a short note on why they love their grandparents or aunties in school, on the heart shape that was pasted on the inner side of the card. The heart refers to children’s love to their grandparents or aunties in school. On the cover page of the card, they pasted handprints that had ‘Sending love, from me to you’ written on. The handprints refer to the children’s forming a heart shape. To further beautify the card, children decorated the card using colouring materials.

Baking with Love

Baking cookies was one sweet way for children to show their love, care, kindness and appreciation to their grandparents and aunties in the school. Accompanying the card, the children baked chocolate cookies that were topped with rainbow sprinkles. Chocolate was chosen as the preferred flavour as it is children’s favourite flavour as well as it is sweet which relates to their grandparents and aunties in school whom are sweet and caring towards them. The rainbow sprinkles refer to the grandparents and aunties in school, spreading colours in their grandchildren’s life.

Giving to Grandparents

To sum up the experience on baking cookies and card making, children presented their cookies and card to their grandparents and aunties in school. They verbally expressed their love and appreciation as well as hugged them to show a simple gesture of love. Grandparents and aunties in school displayed happiness and were extremely touched by the love and appreciation that was shown by their grandchildren!

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