Jeprilene Joy Banday

EB0014 E-Bridge Pre-School (Sumang Lane)

Jeprilene Joy Banday
30 May

SSDB Launch Party: "Caring to our Elderly"

The N2 and K1 children had a fantastic SSDB Launch Party last 16th May 2024. They had a blast and gained a deeper understanding of the SSDB project, showcasing their empathy and willingness to help others selflessly.

During the event, the children watched heartwarming videos depicting acts of kindness towards the elderly, fostering their appreciation for care and love. They also engaged in a fun Zumba with the theme of ‘caring to our elderly’.

The children enjoyed dancing and singing to the song “Step by Step”, spreading joy through their enthusiasm. Additionally, they expressed their creativity by creating a rainbow and crafting flower about sharing and caring.

Overall, the SSDB launch party was meaningful, and the children relished the experience alongside their peers and teachers. We hope these lessons will resonate with them for a long time, inspiring them to continue spreading love, kindness, and care to those around them.

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