Nikki Chng

My First Skool @ Canberra Crescent Blk 120

Nikki Chng
22 Jun

SSDB Launch of “Hello, Thank you!”

“I want to hold gong-gong’s hands when we walk together.”

On 27 May 2020, the K1 class of My First Skool at Canberra Crescent 2 had our SSDB Launch Party via Zoom. It was an exciting event for the children and parents as the class had not met physically since the start of circuit breaker and it was the first time the class held a virtual party. The party started off with a presentation of what SSDB is about, through a video and explanation by Teacher Nikki.

The title of the project is “Hello, Thank you!” as we hope that through this project, the children will be able to appreciate the elderly around them and show respect for the elderly by greeting and thanking the elderly at home, in school and in our community.Following the announcement of our project title and objectives, the children and parents then had a discussion about how we can show our appreciation for the elderly. 

I will help gong-gong fold his clothes!

I will hold my grandpa’s hand when he walks!

The children exclaimed excitedly.

Next, the children and parents participated in a hands-on activity of 3D heart-shaped pledge cards craftwork by following the live demonstration by Qian laoshi. The children, together with their parents, wrote down their pledges that they had discussed earlier.

“I want to hold gong-gong’s hands when we walk together,” Kang Rong penned down his pledge.

At the end of the party, all the children and parents, together with the class teachers, took a group photo with our 3D heart-shaped pledge cards to signify our pledge to the elderly.

SSDB Launch – Success!

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