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9 May 2019

SSDB Launch: Love for gardening begin with our families

Children pledging their commitment before the launch party. They pen their commitment down on the SSDB star ⭐️

We begin the launch party with a simple donning hat ceremony for our SSDB heros. Our principal place the hats on each child as well as the teachers. This mark the start of our mission, farming with love for our community.

Followed by a short performance that sings the knowledge they have about plants and gardening

Time to get the parents involved and take action with their hands, show their support for their children, encouraging parental involvement in their children’s education.

Their mission is to work with their children and the other parents, to dress up the children into a plant with the available resources in the room. During the activity, parents shared their knowledge with their children the different parts of the plant and how to do problem solving, using the limited resources available.

Our parents indeed displayed creativity and excellent problem solving skills. Everyone had a fun and engaging time.

We end off the party with a simple workshop on how to grow a plant/vegetable from a seed. Myself(Teacher Juliana) conducted a step by step presentation from preparing the soil, seed all the way to harvest.

Parents are given a set of tools to work on and bring home their own plant to take care of with their children.

And we wait for 2 weeks, while they grow under the tender loving care of our parents and children.

Meanwhile, children continue to visit and care for our little garden in school! Until we harvest our first batch of kangkong!

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