Valerie Loh

Our Juniors Global Schoolhouse Pte Ltd @ Ubi

Valerie Loh
31 Jul

SSDB Launch - Grow Your Love

Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse @ UBI had a successful and wonderful launch party on 18 June 2020. Before our launch party, we have given the children the pledge form for them to pledge at home with their family members. After signing the pledge, they took a family photo and share it with us. On the day of our launch party, we started the program with the children exploring the SSDB Corner with our mascots, plants, books and some learning corners activities. We also included Mozzie Mascot to tackle on the Dengue Alert in Singapore. We titled the project as “Grow your Love” and “Dengue Alert”. We combined the two topics so as to allow awareness to the children that during the planting and tending of our homegrown plants, we also have to make sure that we clean up our garden as to prevent it from beinf a breeding ground for Aedes Mosquitoes.

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