Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

31 Mar


Project: Nature & Planting During the Pandemic For A Sustainable Society. 

In the month of March, we decided to embark on our SSDB project involving the kids family too. We decided to have planting as our project. The children brought in bottles and other containers to do their plantings. 

The beginning of a wonderful and beautiful project where the older children are taught as to how and why we need to plant plants or trees to sustain the living environment for humans (people). The children were excited to be able to continue with our planting and placing their plants together with the other plants that we have outdoor. 

Every class is involved in our Planting Project even our 18 months kids. 

Daily most of the students will go outdoor to water the plants while the teachers informed them (N2-K2) of the why they need to water the plants daily. 

Parents are consistently being updated as to the outcome of all of our plantings so far. 

Wonderful opportunity when caterpillars are attracted to our lime plant and this create an incidental learning for all the children especially those in the N2 - K2 class. The teachers have taken this opportunity to embark on a learning journey with the children on the Life Cycle of a Caterpillar. 

Excellent opportunity! 💗🥰

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