Vanessa Pang

Bethel Day Care Centre

Vanessa Pang
30 Jul 2020

SSDB Launch 2020 - Sharing is Caring

In the past three years of participating in the “Start Small Dream Big” Project, we have focused mainly on helping and caring for specific groups of people around us – the elderly, construction workers, domestic helpers. This year, we wanted the children to reflect on how they could show kindness right where they were – in school!

We launched the SSDB project this year with the theme, “Sharing is Caring”. During our in-class activity, the children carried out an exercise to demonstrate how it is more blessed to share. The children were given a piece of A4 paper which they had to slowly cut a corner and share it with a friend. After each cut, the children were asked to count the number of corners on the paper. With each round, the children started to realise that as they shared part of their paper, it had more corners! We ended the in-class session with a story about “A Boy who Shared”.

The children were then given a weekend task called, “What’s in the Box?”. They had to decorate a recycled box and place one or many items which they wanted to share with their friend inside this box. When the children brought their boxes back, they did a “Show and Tell” session before exchanging and sharing their items within their small groups. 

It was heartening to see the children share their items such as toys, books and stationery with their friends and showing appreciation to one another for sharing. We hope and believe the value of sharing has been instilled in the children and look forward to the next phase of our SSDB project!

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